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30th-Dec-2009 10:26 am - Get ready to be BURNED
I would fall into a burning ring of fire with him ;)

Mmm, yes, Burn Notice is back! It's like a belated birthday gift to me! I'm so glad to have my Michael Westen fix back. Know what else is coming back in January? PSYCH and 24!

Oh Shawn, you make me laugh. Of course, yes Logan, it's because of you - mostly, that I am hooked on Burn Notice and Psych. Out right buying the seasons and having marathon watching of said dvd seasons, helps, of course.


Well that's pretty much it, just promo spams. Oh yeah and they all happen after my birthday, which on Friday will be 2 weeks away. Yay me.
12th-Dec-2009 08:02 pm - hah
the comedian
7th-Aug-2009 07:48 pm - The Slacker....the Honors Student?
the comedian
Well, I was accepted into the Honors Enrichment Program at my school.

I've never been in an honors program before, or even been considered, so it's completely new and a bit - daunting. Seriously, why would they accept someone like me. It's crazy. I'm lazy! Actually it makes me question why I applied. I'm not really sure. To try something new maybe? I know in the past I've been a terrible student. Procrastination and in high school...not a whole lot of paying attention went on. Even when I got into Art school. Maybe cause I wasn't feeling the love for it? Who knows. I just know where I am now, my last semester was a 4.0, don't get too excited I only took two classes, but over all the classes taken its like a 3.75 (I had 2 B's and a course that doesn't add to GPA). It's all I could really manage. Having to work full time to pay for said school and all the other bills of my life. Second it's a JC. So its kinda like prep for a bigger one. Welp, bottom line...I applied and was accepted. So now its something to try at least. So here's hoping for the best. Also, being in honors could help me earn money/scholarships/awards and be better picked and accepted when it comes time for a 4 year. If I could get the state or government or someone else to pay for my school, that would be awesome, cause I'm already holding onto student loans from the last time.
2nd-Aug-2009 12:17 am - Architect Rationalist

All Rationals (NTs) share the following core characteristics:

  • Rationals tend to be pragmatic, skeptical, self-contained, and focused on problem-solving and systems analysis.
  • Rationals pride themselves on being ingenious, independent, and strong willed.
  • Rationals make reasonable mates, individualizing parents, and strategic leaders.
  • Rationals are even-tempered, they trust logic, yearn for achievement, seek knowledge, prize technology, and dream of understanding how the world works.
Rationals are the problem solving temperament, particularly if the problem has to do with the many complex systems that make up the world around us. Rationals might tackle problems in organic systems such as plants and animals, or in mechanical systems such as railroads and computers, or in social systems such as families and companies and governments. But whatever systems fire their curiosity, Rationals will analyze them to understand how they work, so they can figure out how to make them work better.

In working with problems, Rationals try to find solutions that have application in the real world, but they are even more interested in the abstract concepts involved, the fundamental principles or natural laws that underlie the particular case. And they are completely pragmatic about their ways and means of achieving their ends. Rationals don't care about being politically correct. They are interested in the most efficient solutions possible, and will listen to anyone who has something useful to teach them, while disregarding any authority or customary procedure that wastes time and resources.

Rationals have an insatiable hunger to accomplish their goals and will work tirelessly on any project they have set their mind to. They are rigorously logical and fiercely independent in their thinking -- are indeed skeptical of all ideas, even their own -- and they believe they can overcome any obstacle with their will power. Often they are seen as cold and distant, but this is really the absorbed concentration they give to whatever problem they're working on. Whether designing a skyscraper or an experiment, developing a theory or a prototype technology, building an aircraft, a corporation, or a strategic alliance, Rationals value intelligence, in themselves and others, and they pride themselves on the ingenuity they bring to their problem solving.

Rationals are very scarce, comprising as little as 5 to 10 percent of the population. But because of their drive to unlock the secrets of nature, and to develop new technologies, they have done much to shape our world.

Your Type is
Strength of the preferences %

need not be thought of as only interested in drawing blueprints for buildings or roads or bridges. They are the master designers of all kinds of theoretical systems, including school curricula, corporate strategies, and new technologies. For Architects, the world exists primarily to be analyzed, understood, explained - and re-designed. External reality in itself is unimportant, little more than raw material to be organized into structural models. What is important for Architects is that they grasp fundamental principles and natural laws, and that their designs are elegant, that is, efficient and coherent.


Architects are rare - maybe one percent of the population - and show the greatest precision in thought and speech of all the types. They tend to see distinctions and inconsistencies instantaneously, and can detect contradictions no matter when or where they were made. It is difficult for an Architect to listen to nonsense, even in a casual conversation, without pointing out the speaker's error. And in any serious discussion or debate Architects are devastating, their skill in framing arguments giving them an enormous advantage. Architects regard all discussions as a search for understanding, and believe their function is to eliminate inconsistencies, which can make communication with them an uncomfortable experience for many.

Ruthless pragmatists about ideas, and insatiably curious, Architects are driven to find the most efficient means to their ends, and they will learn in any manner and degree they can. They will listen to amateurs if their ideas are useful, and will ignore the experts if theirs are not. Authority derived from office, credential, or celebrity does not impress them. Architects are interested only in what make sense, and thus only statements that are consistent and coherent carry any weight with them.

Architects often seem difficult to know. They are inclined to be shy except with close friends, and their reserve is difficult to penetrate. Able to concentrate better than any other type, they prefer to work quietly at their computers or drafting tables, and often alone. Architects also become obsessed with analysis, and this can seem to shut others out. Once caught up in a thought process, Architects close off and persevere until they comprehend the issue in all its complexity. Architects prize intelligence, and with their grand desire to grasp the structure of the universe, they can seem arrogant and may show impatience with others who have less ability, or who are less driven.

Albert Einstein as the iconic Rational is an Architect

Dr. David Keirsey, Robert Rosen, George Soros, Gregory Peck, James Madison, Ludwig Boltzman, Charles Darwin, Adam Smith, and Thomas Jefferson are examples of the Architect Rationals

The most reserved of the Rationals is the Architect (INTP). They store huge amounts of information in their heads and can analyze problems with great insight. They are often drawn to professions where they can be their own bosses, such as optometrist, plastic surgeon, neurologist, or scientist. They may become lawyers, architects, or financial analysts. Many are found in the higher levels of academia in such fields as archeology, chemistry, philosophy, or mathematics. They may show a strong creative bent as a musician, inventor, or photographer. Some restore antiques or old cars.

What are you?
30th-Jul-2009 10:33 pm - The Awesome R. Star
BOC - More Cowbell

Yes, I just got back in from seeing Ryan Star perform live at the House of Blues in San Diego. And let me tell you. It was awesome! He's a fantastic performer and a whole lot sexier in person. Believe you me. Actually he looks good in pictures, videos and such...but person is tops. Very much so. I bought my ticket for this about July 8th...and just went tonight, clearly I've been waiting for him to make a trip out to Cali ever since I got hooked on the addiction that is, well, him. I got down there a bit early and had dinner then went into wait. It was a small venue for this show so there was plenty of room and space and who walks in before show even gets ready to go. Ryan. He mingled about and chatted with people and laughed. You could tell he's a personable kind of guy. Anyway things get underway, he's the second act, and we are all up close. And I do mean, CLOSE. I was maybe three feet away the whole time. The guy can perform! He was incredible to watch and listen to. Voice is mmmmmm sexy! He was also funny.

He was trying to get started and people were in the back or talking, and he's says "Go grab one of those people in the back by the hand and drag them up here. I'm serious. Do it. Bring a buddy." "Go back there and tell them to get up here in front of shut the fuck up!"  Apparently there was this louder guy and a comment was said, this is after Ryan has played two songs, and he challenges the guy in a manner of speaking. "I want you right up here. [points beside him on stage] for this next song. I'm gonna sing it to you.[pause Ryan shifts and folds his arms over chest and above guitar] What...I'm waiting. Fucking serious. Get up here." We hear some cheers and finally this guy comes up and he's a big ol black guy. Taller than Ryan, who is nice and tall, and Ryan clears off this stool on the stage and sets it up. "Sit right there. Hi. I'm Ryan Star."  the other guys name was Fred. "I'm gonna sing this song for you Fred." goes into the next song, even sings Fred's name into it. At the end Fred goes down after saying "I Love you Ryan." to which he said "Love you Fred." and Ryan goes on. He sang part of 'Barbie Girl' which was silly cause at one point he was like "...and stick it anywhere....Oooooh" ah good times.

You can tell he's the charming personality type. He even gave Fred this big signed poster. Did a mingle, meet and greet. Close to the stage we took out first picture and he made a 'sexy' face in it. When I turned it back to check that I snapped the pic ok. The joys of using a camera in my cell phone, he leans on in closer "Oooh that's a sexy one. You should send it to me. Awesome."  and a high five ensued. Then over to get my cd and he was signing it which reads "Shay you rock! Ryan Star" we took another picture. In moving around he was twisted one way and started to stand and I was sort of facing and ended up with some accidental brushing of the boob. He looked down and made this kind of O face and looked up and I was looking up at him and kinda laughed. "I have no idea why I just did that." then he pulled me in close snuggled up for the picture. He picks up my cd and opens it and was "Hey I signed it already." I said "You're welcome to sign it again!" has my cd in hand as I move and kinda hits me with it "Don't forget it!" Told him he rocked and made sure I had my cd and everything. Overall very much awesome.

The songs I remember him playing
This Could Be the Year
Brand New Day
Right Now
Some 'punk rock' song...with as he said "Without the punk rock band, but the attitude[points to self]"
Last Train Home
Somebody's Son
Another one I hadn't heard before


28th-Jul-2009 09:08 pm - PINEAPPLE!
the comedian


So this past weekend was the San Diego Comic Con. An event that I normally find myself at. This year, nope. It sold out way too fast and then I had to work, as the only other person who works with me, took Thurs and Friday off. I was very sad and bum disappointed.

Reasons why.
Dude, it's COMIC CON!

Burn Notice panel with Bruce Campbell...aka Sam Axe.
And of course just all around awesomeness!

Though someone loved me and thought of me. Had two friends who came over to visit with me who'd gone to Comic Con, and with them they came bearing gifts. I felt very awwww. Cause of as late I've been rather friendless. All in Utah the butts. They made me jealous with their tales of wonderment, of seeing RDjr & Bruce. How Bruce was funny, giving money to people who asked him questions. It made me wish I'd been able to go. Really really. But they had me in the back of their mind and I ended up with some neat goodies!

What I got as lovely little treats?
Huge WB/DC COMICS bag that has Superman & Batman on it.
Crown for Where the Wild Things Are
PSYCH: Mini Comic and Magic Psych ball
Temporary Tattoo

Anyway, been also playing with my Psych ball.
Though of course the first thing I did was take pictures so I could show it off to someone...
Alright maybe to make him a lil jealous of the awesome, because I know he lurves it.
Back to the playing, so far I've come across 18 that's right, 18 responses.

Shawn Spencer Says:
Definitely Dude.
Wait For Iiiit!
Blocked, Try Later.
True As Toast.
Vibes Say Yes.
Ah. Nope.
Outlook: Ghastly.
So Very No.
Could Happen.
Most Probably.
No. I Mean Yes.
I Sense Yes.
Yes! Quit Asking!
Dude, Really?
best one : ASK GUS!

So do you have a question for Shawn the Psych Ball?

I am so easily amused, but felt a bit loved that I got some awesome freebies, and a win item. Since on USA there was a Comic Con entry thing for prizes. Said 100 Burn Notice - Michael Westen shirts, 100 Psych shirts and 100 Psych Magic Psych Balls...and that's what I have. It just all and all made my day a bit better. Smiles, and happy. Still a lil bummed I missed out on the sexyness that is RDjr and awesome hilarity of Bruce Campbell, but there's always next year. 


The Swag!Collapse )
So, yes I know I haven't posted in my livejournal in, well forever. Mostly, probably, because people don't really pay attention or watch and secondly my life, not that exciting. Usually it's pretty slow. Mostly work, school and more work. Thrilling isn't it. But hell felt like doing one. Ok so maybe about few weeks ago I finally got hooked to Burn Notice why didn't I watch this show before? I HAVE NO IDEA. Because it's pretty much addictively fantastic. Shut you mouth Logan, I don't wanna hear it, I know what you're gonna say. The other best thing tivo. Ok back to how I got hooked. My mom of all people. See few years back neither one of us could sleep and it was like 3am in the morning and I was downstairs flipping around on the tv and started giggling. Army of Darkness was on. Mom came down and was like “whatcha watching, can I watch?” so thus I introduced her to Bruce Campbell and B cult classic movies. It cracked her shit up and for some reason stuck with her. Until one day she was listening to the radio and who was being interviewed, Bruce Campbell talking about a show he was on and about it, ect you know how those radio interviews go. Apparently she'd seen one episode and thought it was a bit quirky. Then later, after the interview, decided to continue to watch. Well on thing led to another and she was hooked. Came to me and started talking about it. By then everyone else in my family had been watching. My dad, prior to this, he was the first, watched all of season one online. Anyway...I was like, alright I'll watched...what did I do? Go out and buy season 1&2 on dvd. Family and Logan influences, figured what the hell.

Few weeks ago, had a marathon. And not like a few episodes. I'm talking full blown marathon epic event. Within probably the span of 2 days, watched both seasons. Mom and I even ditched stayed home from church to spend it with Michael Westen. Onto dvrs. They are great. So got home today and watched last nights ep. It was Hi-Larity people! By far my favorite episode. Not gonna lie. We replayed the alley scene three times. Then watched the ep again, just after finishing it, yes that good. So. On a sidenote...I think Jeff is growing on me. I like his dark hair. I know it's so very shallow of me. But it looks good. And of course the whole suits, he looks good in them for sure. That's pretty much it. Awesome randomness, yes indeedy.
24th-Jul-2009 07:31 pm - Doood
the comedian
...I actually managed to upload and get it right, a custom mood theme for LJ! Yeah. What.
I feel all accomplished and shit.

Look it shows. Apparently I'm Sam Axe when I'm accomplished.
9th-Feb-2009 11:17 pm - Capricorn
John & Mary
In the personality
Most fundamental for Capricorn is the doubting mechanism here - everything seem to be under a question mark until it shows undeniable, perceivable proof to its validity. This dynamic often serves to undermine their own confidence, making them very anxious about change or taking chances. The natural tendency is to look somewhat negatively on things, contemplating at the reasons they cannot work. They naturally have a strongly critical eye and this makes them rather niggling and perfectionistic, but helps them avoid dispensable hardship and failure.

As a result of these internal processes, this sign tends to avoid impulsive changes or risk-taking, and usually makes an effort to conserve what he has and build upon it without risking it. It also makes them rather ambivalent about things while their nature has not been established appropriately, which also makes them appear less excitable about things than other signs may be. The combination of fear, ambivalence and unaffected nature may have them stay passive in situations where other signs will be more mobilized to action.

This sign is also very sensitive to its image in the eyes of others, and a shyness may reflect off of their terrible fear of making a fool of themselves. It needs to be taken seriously, as there are usually some issues of low self-esteem in this sign. This often serves to drive them to big achievements, so may not be so disadvantageous after all. The sign can be somewhat self-conscious and timid at times, and is essentially reserved, but usually does not let this interfere with his goals. Capricorn usually craves attention under its cool façade.

Capricorn is emotionally complex, a strongly repressed sign - this gives rise to the rest of its basic characteristics. The Capricornian influence is rooted in basic lacks, which served to mold this personality type. It usually rises from an early setting where love and positive emotional interaction was somewhat scarce, or at least not openly expressed. Often, a parent was too busy or too remote to give proper attention. The result is a kind of desert inner world, which they often attempt to fill with alternatives to love, as it feels kind of awkward to them. This gives rise to Capricorn tendency to become career-oriented, seeking to be respected instead. A more spiritual, NeptuneSymbol of Neptune influenced Capricorn tends to be more monastic in demeanor.

Although they tend to be more conservative in nature, they don't let society mold them in ways that go against their beliefs and world views or that limits their personal goals, whichever these may be. In this light, they may be considered opinionated. This is even more pronounced with strong Mercury-Mars contacts.

Being of a crystalline earthy make up, they may become brutal when strongly annoyed. They can be a bit stubborn sometimes, however are usually willing to consider hard facts. Capricorn individuals may be a bit difficult to delineate as they tend to assess things too minutely while missing the big picture.

Although there is often an underlying issue with insecurity, Capricorn individuals nevertheless tend to have a strong and enduring character, and are usually rather self-reliant. The personality is more stable under this sign, it is cool and less sentimental. There is also a good degree of self-restraint, certainly when it is in their favor. Capricorn Suns are able to withstand great adversity without "caving in". In fact, in a weak astrological chart the personality may react badly when life becomes too easy.

Capricorn is a more serious sign. It is usually quite ambitious, although not as obsessed as Scorpio, and has a more responsible attitude. It has a no-nonsense demeanor and a sharp wit, and can be rather critical. It has a rather sarcastic, "smart" humor. They tend to have a professional demeanor, and dislike incompetence or foolishness. They can become mad when other people's shortcomings reflect badly on them.

The sign has a certain exclusive side to its nature, often preferring to associate itself with people it deems worthy and being somewhat more remote and aloof with other people. It may feel snooty to some, but this is a pattern that is actually more of a backlash against a subtle internal inferiority complex than truly egoistic.

Leo influences may alleviate this somewhat.
6th-Feb-2009 03:28 pm - Fuck Up
the comedian
That's what I am. I just fuck everything up, and the people around me. I could be like the President yeah. Just fuck with everyone, fuck them over, screw 'em up hardcore. Cause it seems like I'm a real fucking genius when it comes to that.
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